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Her career actually began on the set of the groundbreaking sitcom in 1991 when she was chosen as a stand-in Huxtable with other actors who read through a script before the cast recorded the episode. Twenty-five years later she says she learned so much from her experiences yet is astonished by how quickly time has passed. "I don't feel like I just started in the business but it definitely doesn't feel like it's been that long." True, a native of New York City, has appeared in popular TV shows including and to top it off, the ageless True is turning 50 in November.

"It's kind of crazy because when you first start and you're younger, like, time is so slow and it seems like forever but when you said its 25 years..it? Today, she's into photography, started her blog, Some True Things, and is filming an indie movie called "Limelight." I spoke with Rachel True about her famous roles, embracing her age, limited roles for black actresses of a certain age and the need for representation in entertainment.

Their mistrust of white people is something they can use to bond as they grow old together.

He’s surprised because Bow claims not to see color, and she reminds him that’s not who she is. Although Dre is enjoying Bow’s anti-Megan feelings, Ruby is confused by them. Ruby tells Bow that if she knew who she was, she wouldn’t have any issues with Junior bringing home a white girl.

We hadn’t seen her in years until she and the rest of her ‘Different World’ cast mates reunited on Oprah’s Own Network a couple months ago.

So we figured there were a lot of other people in our ILOSM family who probably haven’t seen her in a while.

Rachel True, in the heart of black culture, is a beloved "carefree black girl" like Cree Summer and Lisa Bonet who grace television and movies in the 90s and 2000s, showing another perspective of womanhood and free spirited blackness.

Johan even returns, with a growing attraction to Ruby. Dre figures out Bow dislikes Megan because she’s white and it fills him with glee.

Dwayne comforts Whitley when the plane experiences turbulence.

Whitley kisses Dwayne in front of her entire dorm, prompting much teasing from her friends. Whitley goes to Dwayne's apartment to see him, but is turned off when she finds him dancing like an idiot at a party.

is the bald, British leader and head operative of Sector V, keeper of the Book of KND and current Earth representative to the elite Galactic KND.

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