Updating the clock on nook

Reports are leaking out that Barnes & Noble Nook e Readers are getting their first official firmware update today & the updates include some much needed fixes to the interface.

Version 1.1 (updated from 1.0) includes the following per Barnes & Noble’s Nook Website: You can update to 1.1 via wireless (3G or Wi-Fi) or you can force a manual download.

I don’t have my review unit Nook anymore so I can’t test this update out, but I wouldn’t expect miracles here – I expect the fixes in this update will probably be noticable, but fairly minor overall.

“Our goal is to bring NOOK users the very best in social media and these apps will bring to life the rich sharing experiences that Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter offer.” NOOK customers will love the Pinterest app, which is a great tool for people to discover the things that inspire them and collect these things to act upon later.

A note-taking app, which allows the users to create their notebooks as they want, for any project or for any concerned topic.

It does much more than save notes and it does in an organized manner.

You can do a lot more with your NOOK e-Reader than just reading books. It is been designed wonderfully to execute the things much better than your handheld calculator does.

Nook app store has got several useful apps from varied categories. Waking up in the morning is really a difficult task for most people. Just set up your alarm, choose snooze duration and the volume and go to bed. You can view current time, date and the time when your alarm will wake you up before you unlock your book. The very special feature about this is it remembers everything you feed, and allow you to review it anytime.