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An attorney representing them said both officers are attempting to get their jobs back through arbitration.The Police Department released documents related to the firings in late December, more than seven months after they were first requested by The Defenders. She walks into a room, and all of a sudden, heads are on swivels, and jaws are on floors, tongues unrolling from mouths like so many pink red carpets. Something exaggerated, gaudy, blatant, preposterous. The fabrics as clingy as the patterns are predatory? That luscious face—those kiss-puffed lips and velvety eyes, skin without a flaw, lustrous as a pearl—atop that bodacious bod—the softly swelling hips, the gently tapering waist, the oodles of breast and thigh and buttock—is too much. Surely the necklines don’t have to be as low-dipping as the heels are high-climbing?

The allegations of wrongdoing were first brought to internal affairs by the wife of Fondren in January 2016 after she said she discovered text messages between her then-husband and Martinez automatically backed up to a laptop she claimed to have shared with Fondren.

Fiona lived in her parents’ house, in the town where she and Grant went to university.

It was a big, bay-windowed house that seemed to Grant both luxurious and disorderly, with rugs crooked on the floors and cup rings bitten into the table varnish.

If you don’t want to know…then don’t click but if you want to know the setlist for Sunday’s Zac Brown Band concert at Hollywood Casino Amphitheater click here.

This list is from Youngstown, OH stop of the Welcome Home Tour…so it’ll be close to this Sunday night.