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Following Jeffery Hick’s lead in his article here, it’s easy to find a list of all the services that contain “SAV” and “Sophos” with the command: (Get-Content 'C:\Program Data\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\Config\machine.xml').Replace('8EXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX1AD02', 'E8F97FBA9104D1EA5047948E6DFB67FACD9F5B73') | Set-Content 'C:\Program Data\Sophos\Sophos Anti-Virus\Config\machine.xml' The hashed value E8F97FBA9104D1EA5047948E6DFB67FACD9F5B73 is equivalent to the value ‘password’, which is all lowercase, not including quotes.We currently use Sophos Endpoint Security on our computers.I am struggling to get this working correctly in my Unidesk environment using Windows 7.Every computer that connects to the Luther network must have an accepted anti-virus software.Sophos is supported on Luther's network and is available for Mac or PC.

Microsoft doesn't support this anymore, so you will need to download msicuu2-Windows installer clean up - link: installs to Worked great for me.Parent directories of the automatically excluded directory are marked in Live Vault Web Portal with one of the "partially excluded" icons, either (if the exclusion is due to rules in the selected backup policy), or (if the exclusion is due to a rule in a backup policy that is not selected).Check the Sophos Anti-Virus vendor documentation for whether the product uses other temporary files and directories.If you have a Luther workstation and have a concern regarding Sophos, contact the Technology Help Desk at x1000.Sophos support is useless, keep getting some dude in broken english that thinks my issue is that the clients cannot see the server, that is not the case. We moved from one sophos server to a new sophos server and migrated all our clients and clients show the correct path to \sophosserver\Sophos Update\CIDs\S000\SAVSCFXP\However, after a few days our clients are still showing up in the console as outdated: Also another frustrating feature of the Sophos Enterprise Console is there does not seem to be a "refresh" option to see if any thing changed.