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“Gay’s subtext is that to be female in this age and not be a feminist is to be a victim of internalized misogyny.

This is how they get us: we are made to believe empowerment just isn’t sexy; in a misogynistic culture, if we become unlikable, and hence, unfuckable, we have failed in our primary purpose as women.

In a recent essay on her bibliomania, Zadie Smith writes that summer is the most forgiving time of year for compulsive reading, as “the beach is one of the few places pathological readers can pass undetected among their civilian cousins.” Regardless of the degree of your pathology, these brand-new and forthcoming books look both super exciting and also relevant to your interests.

With essays, a cookbook, historical fiction, lesbian romance, memoir, gender studies and more in no particular order*, your to-read list is about to get even longer.

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Luke’s Health Systems 2009 – Anthony Olbrich, Regional President, US Bank 2008 – Joel Hickman, District President, Key Bank 2007 – Mike Mooney, President of Farmers & Merchants Bank 2006 – Ray Flachbart, President & CEO, Blue Cross of Idaho 2005 – Daniel L.

Results: quality of life was reduced in both behavioural groups compared with participants without either condition. Variation in disability score (56%, It is now accepted that in Parkinson's disease (PD), a neurodegenerative motor disorder, non-motor features (including autonomic symptoms, sleep and sensory disturbances) are almost ubiquitous and often pre-date the motor features of the disorder [1].

In particular, neuropsychiatric symptoms can be burdensome to patients and carers alike, with negative effects on quality of life and an increased risk of care home admission [2].

Sometimes that means we have to take what we can get.”“Readers of Waters’s previous novels know that she brings historical eras to life with consummate skill, rendering authentic details into layered portraits of particular times and places.

Waters’s restrained, beautiful depiction of lesbian love furnishes the story with emotional depth, as does the suspense that develops during the tautly written murder investigation and ensuing trial.