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Adult summer camps that offer the best of both adult and childhood are popping up everywhere.

Check out Camp Our Way, which regularly hosts camps just outside of Austin (as well as Dallas and Houston) where you can expect giant water slides, bonfires, dance parties, beer olympics, bubble soccer, outdoor movies, and a pool party accompanied by booze-infused ice cream!

Whether it is this book or another similar dating book you must always concentrate on the finer points instead of those that don’t work.

500 with your main squeeze, ideas for a night out are something you want to keep fresh and fun.

Doubt that comes into the minds of those who have read the Double Your Dating PDF is how can single men become masters of seduction purely with the help of the dating dos and don’ts from Double Your Dating .

Tapping into their infectious love and joy, speakers Tina Knowles-Lawson and Steve Harvey and their spouses, Richard Lawson and Marjorie Harvey, are double dating the right wayin Durban, and obviously we're here for every single moment.

We’ve all heard that investing is the best way to achieving financial freedom and accumulate wealth but knowing how, where and when to invest your money requires a certain degree of knowledge because the world of investing is a fast-paced, ever-changing game that is not for the faint hearted.

Although this article will focus on both short and long-term investing it is important to note beforehand that long-term investments are more profitable and have a significantly less degree of risk attached to them while short-term investments tend to yield less return and have a higher degree of risk attached.

You go out there and proceed to spin your date the wrong way, step on her feet, and almost drop her during the dip (I’ve been dropped, it’s not fun).

Lucky for us, all the dance instructors from Two Left Foots are there to baby-step us into legit two-steppin’ masters -- every Saturday at 7pm at the White Horse... Formerly known as Legendary White Swan, East Side spot King Bee is a new incarnation serving craft cocktails and fantastic pizza (like the pulled pork pie! Every Monday, you can check out The Little Elmore Reed Blues Band at 10pm. Blue Starlite Drive-in shows great movies, old and new -- and you can drive, bike, or sit in the lot.