David spade dating nicollette sheridan

Later on they moved to a separate booth where they cuddled and kissed - they were full-on making out in a booth.

"David winked at her and stood by her side while she blew out the candles on her cake, which had 'Happy Birthday Princessa' written on it." However, despite their public display of affection, a source close to Nicollette confirms the she and 44-year-old actor David "are not dating".

Nicollette was reportedly joined by castmates Neal Mc Douogh, Kyle Mac Lachlan and Felicity Huffman.

David arrived separately, and the potential new lovebirds reportedly began their dinner in different booths — but not for long.

He previously had dated Jennifer Rubin during 1993.

David - who has a daughter with former Playboy model Jillian Grace - has previously dated stars including Heather Locklear and Lara Flynn Boyle.

His $ million property in Connecticut was put up for sale two days before Sheridan asked him to move out. "He and Nicolette split the (more) » - By Simon Reynolds Bettie Page, the famous pinup model, passed away in La yesterday after suffering a heart attack last week. — People An ex-producer from American Idol said he doesn't remember Paula Abdul asking the producers to keep her stalker off the show, and he thought the girl was just a big fan.

Meanwhile more rumors are surfacing that Paula wants to leave AI.

“David winked at her and stood by her side while she blew out the candles on her cake,” the source told the mag, after which the pair retreated to a booth where they “cuddled and kissed.”It wasn’t David and Nicollette’s first trip to Luau — they were reportedly spotted there together several weeks ago at the restaurant’s opening, where they shared a long conversation.

But their hook-up may have been just a birthday special — the source told People that the two aren’t dating.