Dating a dilbert

“This is the story of one person’s unlikely success within the context of scores of embarrassing failures,” encouragement for those of us who feel on the edge of success but not yet ensconced there.Rather contrarian, it serves as an “on the other hand” for the advice we often receive. Who, where and what you are is largely a matter of chance Adams argues. Adding a skill, even at a modest level, “doubles” your chances for success: public speaking, psychology, conversation, grammar, persuasion, a second language, business writing, basic accounting, the Internet, even design basics. These skills become part of your “stack of talents.” The more of these skills you have, like tickets to a lottery, the more likely you are to capitalize on an opportunity and win.Instead, we must change our eating habits; adopt a new system. I did this myself this year, dropping 10% of my weight by greatly restricting carbs and replacing them with salads and proteins.The daily “victories” helped me maintain my new weight.Pointy-Haired Boss: [To himself] The best choice for Employee of the Month is...[Later...] Congratulations to Alice for being our Employee of the Month!

The trick is to take a break as soon as you see a bright light and hear dead relatives beckon. For safety reasons, I hired an illiterate person to rip up your manuscript.

For example, you would never start a project if you knew how much it would really cost.

Employees stay here because they don't know there are better jobs across the street.

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